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Are you looking to build your Dream Home?

You’ve studied for years and worked long hours to get to your current level. Now that you have the financial means to buy a house, you deserve something that lives up to your standards, a place that rewards you with comfort, luxury, beauty, in an area that’s safe for you and your most precious asset–your family.

At X-1 Unique Homes, we realize the importance of family. We’re a family-owned, family-run business and are here to build the house that satisfies your needs for luxury, beauty, comfort, and safety.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Reward yourself with a home that exceeds your expectations, one that allows you to relax in an environment that’s comfortable, luxurious, beautiful, and safe.

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Why you should hire X-1 Unique Homes

– 20 years of experience building along the South Florida coastline
– 20 years experience building custom luxury homes
– trusted by industry professionals and satisfied clients alike
– we are insiders and know the best architects, designers
– we offer professional construction management services
– our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

More reasons to hire X-1 Unique Homes

1. Through construction management services offered by X-1 Unique Homes, the contractor and the client work as a team to provide the maximum amount of the energy to the project for the best results
2. We are 20 years in the business, trusted by industry professionals and satisfied clients
3. We are a multi-award winning custom luxury homebuilder in South Florida
4. We have relationships with the best architects and designers in the South Florida area
5. We have completed world-class residences representing in excess of $50 million dollars in end user value
6. We are a seasoned team of professionals that bring well-rounded experience in structure, production, and meticulous attention to details.
7. At X-1 Unique Homes, we are extremely effective in maintaining performance and quality

An Overview

X-1 Unique Homes is a custom luxury homebuilder trusted by industry professionals and satisfied clients. As an industry leader in the area of building luxury homes, our reputation is paramount. For unparalleled excellence in custom building, contact X-1 Unique Homes to schedule a free consultation and to get any questions you may have answered to your satisfaction. We look forward to getting you into your dream house.

Let us build your ideal dream home.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Call or text us to schedule a free consultation or if you have any questions.

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